We are invested in the cultural and architectural elements of communities we build in and we want to see Atlanta grow stronger.
— Greg Horner


Horner Homes is led by a hard-working and personable team of architects, engineers, and contractors who design and build top quality and intensely custom homes in the city of Atlanta.  

Transparency, integrity and dependability are the bedrock principles of our relationship with each homeowner.  Understanding that building a dream home can often be a challenging process, we go the extra mile to make the journey enjoyable for our clients walking them through each step of the process. Offering clear communication on timelines and decisions coupled with experienced expert designers and craftsmen we are able to accomplish one of a kind design elements and architectural feats through a hassle-free experience for our homeowners. From the foundation to the finishing touches, each Horner Home is a dream come true for its owners and a charming addition to its neighborhood.


Relationship - Founded in trust, dependability and integrity, we believe close working relationships with our homeowners are essential for the success of both the process and the finished product. 

Excellence - Our concern for creative yet functional design, beautiful aesthetics, and superior craftsmanship direct every decision we make. We are committed to bringing excellence to the home in every detail as well as to the design-build experience for our homeowners. 

Community - Community begins inside the walls of a home. From preserving the historical roots through architectural design to creating spaces where community can thrive, we are passionate about encouraging and enhancing community life.


Roger Horner, a veteran of the home-building industry, has been serving Atlanta for over 40 years.  He began his career in carpentry contracting after college and progressed through the ranks of a national homebuilding company before branching out on his own.  Roger launched Horner Homes in 1986 as a specialty design-build firm serving homeowners in Atlanta neighborhoods. Over the last thirty years, Horner Homes has continued to thrive even through economic downturns that affected much of the industry.  Roger now runs the company alongside his two sons Roger and Greg. Together the three owners bring their unique strengths, experience and eye for design to the table on every project.